What Makes a Good Justice?

One of the prominent responsibilities of a Governor’s Councilor is to provide advice and consent on judicial nominations and clerk magistrates.

We need more qualified candidates to be judges. Experience, integrity, honesty and intelligence are four foundational qualities that candidates for judgeship should possess.

I believe strong candidates should demonstrate these qualities:

  • A candidate should be of unquestionable integrity.
  • A candidate should be highly knowledgeable about established legal principles and procedures.                                       
  • A candidate should possess an ability to interpret and apply legal principles to specific factual situations.
  • A candidate should have judicial temperament, which includes common sense, compassion, decisiveness, firmness, humility, open-mindedness, patience and understanding.
  • A candidate should be financially responsible and reliable.
  • Consideration should be given to a candidate's previous public service community activities.

I served as a judge for 19½ years and have the right experience to select skilled and qualified judges for the Commonwealth