Regional Equity Issues: The Shortage of Western Mass. Justices

The shortage of resources for the judicial system in Western Massachusetts is nothing new, but is time for this to change.

Subject to the Massachusetts General Laws, there is a cap on the maximum number of District Court judges that may be appointed at any particular time. However, would it interest you to know that in October 2015 there were 15 judicial vacancies throughout the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 10 of which were in Western Massachusetts alone. This is simply unacceptable.

Along with District Court Judges throughout Western Massachusetts, I am pushing for a resolution for the understaffed District Courts, which are currently operating shorthanded by roughly 30 percent of the judges who should staff the region, as well as many other court personnel.

As a retired District Court Judge, I believe there is much I can do to help this process. I can serve as another voice for elected officials of Western Massachusetts in Boston. It is time that the Governor’s Council had a representative from the Eighth District who is willing and able to stand up for our region.

For more information and up-to-date vacancies visit the Judicial Nominating Commission’s website for details.