Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Appointments

Currently there is only one Supreme Court Justice from Western Massachusetts, Justice Francis Spina who is set to retire in August of 2016. It is imperative the Supreme Judicial Court has a nominee from Western Massachusetts. There are many qualified judges and attorneys from Western Massachusetts who could serve. Examination should also be required of the Appeals Court as it relates to nominees from Western Massachusetts.

In June 2016, Governor Charlie Baker nominated three state judges to serve on the Supreme Judicial Court – Massachusetts’ highest court. With two more justices slated to retire next year, it is now more important than ever to have qualified representatives on the Governor’s Council.

Superior Court Judges oversee civil and criminal trials, while the Supreme Judicial Court hears appeals on a broad range of criminal and civil cases. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court jointly reaches a decision that sets a legal precedence throughout the Commonwealth.

Although the Governor has decidedly nominated three Justices, the Governor’s Council members must approve these nominations. The council acts as “checks and balances” on our executive government.

We need experienced members of the Governor’s Council to properly vet these candidates to serve on the country’s oldest appellate court. When elected, I will do my part to make sure we get nominees from Western Massachusetts; we have many qualified candidates for roles as judges.

I have dedicated my life to public service, including serving 19½ years as an Associate District Court Justice after being elected to two terms as Springfield’s first and only female mayor. This prior service gives me a unique perspective and makes me a perfect fit for a role on the Governor’s Council.