Candidate for Governor’s Council Voices Support for High-Speed Railway

Candidate for Governor’s Council Voices Support for High-Speed Railway

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Mary Hurley, retired Associate Justice of the District Courts of Massachusetts and former two-term Mayor of the city of Springfield, today announced her continued support for a high-speed railway between Boston and Springfield. An amendment was included in the state budget to create a working group to study the high-speed rail – the amendment would require the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to study the costs and the economic and cultural benefits of a high-speed railway between Boston and Springfield.

As an original proponent of the local high-speed railway, Hurley’s views were reaffirmed after a visit to Japan. She explained, “I observed many values of the high-speed railway. Not only did it transport materials and products, but the development opportunities that were created by this technology were astounding. When I was elected Mayor I voiced my support for a high-speed railway and have continued to do so.”

These high-speed trains operate significantly faster than the traditional rail, traveling upwards of 300 miles per hour. The first system of high-speed railways began in Japan in 1964 – more commonly known as the bullet train.

With western Massachusetts legislators lobbying the statehouse for a majority of the last legislative session, the amendment was recently added to the House budget and must still be approved by the Senate.

“I was very encouraged when I heard that Senator Lesser and Representative Kocot were interested in exploring the possibility of a high-speed railway,” said Hurley. “I whole-heartedly believe that this is the right step for western Massachusetts and it is time that this part of the state begins to get our fair share. I hope that the Senate will see the value in this measure and urge them to vote in favor of the amendment.”


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